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Help get our Doula to SQUATFest!

Hey everyone! I applied for and was granted a 75% scholarship to attend the 2013 SQUATFest weekend workshop held in San Francisco, CA in August! I am so excited that I received the scholarship. But now I need to come up with the money for a plane ticket [roughly $650] first and foremost, and anything extra will go towards lodging (I will be couchsurfing or staying in a hostel to save money, and for the experience!), food, any bus or taxi faire, and in case of an emergency. Every dollar helps! I have signed up to attend the breakout sessions that I believe I will most benefit from and to be able to offer new services to women including belly dance for birth, introduction to placenta preparation, full spectrum doula work, shamanic herbalism for the childbearing cycles/midwifery, and others. I plan on taking away every detail I can from this amazing opportunity and bringing that knowledge back to my community. Please share with your friends and help get me to San Francisco! All help and every dollar is appreciated-- may it return to you threefold.


Here's the link. Be sure to check out the rewards--> http://www.gofundme.com/341zz0

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We have been featured over at Pagan Families in their Birth Guardians series. Check it out!


Benefits of Labor Support

Though we believe that a woman has full power to give birth naturally with no assistance (and that no intervention is the safest for birth but does have its place in the medical world for those rare instances when a mother needs them), for those who do wish to have labor support, here are some statistics on the benefits of having a labor support partner such as a doula.

~Benefits of Labor Support
(Source: Mothering the Mother, M. Klaus, M.D., J. Kennell, M.D., P. Klaus. Second edition of this book is called The Doula Book)

• Shortens Labor:
Length of Labor, study #1: No doula, 19 hours, Doula, 9 hours
Length of Labor, study #2: No doula, 15.5 hours, Doula, 7.7 hours
Length of Labor, study #3: No doula, 9.4 hours, Doula, 7.4 hours

• Increases your odds of a natural birth from 12% with no doula, to 55% with a doula

• Reduces requests for epidurals (which are indicative of the level of pain being experienced) from 55% with no doula to 8% with a doula

• Reduces the need to use oxytocin (a drug used to stimulate a labor that is not progressing normally) from 44% with no doula, and 17% with a doula

• Reduces the use of forceps from 26% with no doula, to 8% with a doula

• Reduces the need for C-Sections from 18% no doula, to 8% with doula

• At six weeks of age, babies with feeding problems are 63% with no doula, and only 16% with a doula

• Babies with colds or runny noses was 69% with no doula, 39% with a doula.

• New mothers rate their marriages as better after the birth only 30% with no doula, but 71% with a doula.

• Mothers expereinced several benefits: they report that they bonded much more quickly with the baby, could take their babies home sooner, and had fewer maternal fevers when supported by a doula.

• Cost Savings: It is estimated that a reduction of Cesarean sections from the current 20 to 25% average down to 10% would mean a savings of about $3,500 per birth, more than $2 billion annually. A reduction of epidurals from the current 80% down to 10% would result in an average savings of $1,300 per delivery, saving more than $4 billion annually.

• Penny Simkin writes in Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn that relaxation in labor will 1)conserve energy and reduce fatigue; 2) calm and reduce stress; and 3) reduce pain

• These are only the physical and financial aspects of labor support. See a recommended reading book,Secret Life of the Unborn Child, to understand the social impact of easier childbirth on all generations to come, as you understand how labor pain and maternal tension can increase incidence of criminal behavior and mental disease.